A kitchen island is a fabulous addition to any home’s kitchen. It provides extra work space, extra storage space, and a whole lot more versatility. One company that is well known for making high quality islands is the John Boos & Co. It has a long-standing history of making all kinds of kitchen islands and butcher block tables. John Boos Kitchen Islands are well-known for their high quality and standards.

The Boos Company was not always in the business of making kitchen islands and tables, though. Conrad Boos started out as a blacksmith, whose method used for absorbing the shock of his hammer while shoeing horses gave his local butcher an “a-ha” moment. The butcher ordered a block from Conrad to use in his butcher shop; hence the world of butcher block work surfaces began.

Conrad Boos named the company John Boos after his son and for over one hundred years, their company has been producing some the best and most sought after kitchen islands and butcher block surfaces.

Originally, the company produced mainly butcher blocks from sycamore trees as these were readily available in the Effingham area. Later on, in the 1960’s and 1970’s their steel-topped tables were added to their collection and are still quite popular today. Wood from the Great Lakes States is shipped in for use by the Boos Company.

Because of their durability and high quality, Boos kitchen islands are favored by many restaraunters, famous chefs and others who have discovered what a fantastic product the Boos Company has to offer. Boos Company has received awards for their work. They have also been recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a “green” company. This company offers tons of amazing options for your kitchen needs. You will be pleasantly suprised to see the range of kitchen islands and tables available.

The choices are endless. They have butcher block tops of course, but in just about any size or shape you can think of. These tops are absolutely gorgeous. If storage is what you’re looking forward to in a Boos Kitchen island, you’re certain to find it. They offer islands with both storage underneath the countertop and on the backsplash, i.e. a pot rack or a shelf for things such as your spices or cooking utensils.

Their stainless steel tables are practical and really quite attractive. If you’re at all concerned about food safety, this is the table for you. Stainless is not porous and can easily be disinfected and used over and over again, without having to have separate areas for different types of food preparation. They even have a cart with a black granite removable top. So choice is not really a problem with John Boos kitchen islands.

There are nearly endless styles to choose from also. Even if you are very fussy about what you would put in your kitchen because it has to fit in with the décor, you would have no difficulty finding something to suit my tastes. The possibilities range from islands with sleek, modern lines to rustic to traditional and the list goes on.

You will be very impressed with the John Boos Company and amazed at how they can offer such an elite quality and such a large range of styles. Anyone would be proud to have one of these products in their own home.

Source: kitchenislanddesignstips.com

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