Article: Peugeot: A Model In 2013 From 9000 Euros. Return Rumors Trademark Simca and Talbot

According to a preview launched today by AutoBild, Peugeot would launch in the coming years a new compact with features from low-cost: price is around 9000 euros and measures to coordinate its basic C-segment. The model, according to the Germans, will be marketed in late 2013.

Aimed at emerging markets, where it is also proposed in the notchback variant, the compact Peugeot will go on sale in the Old Continent. In our model will come only as a hatchback, and it is likely that the mark will not be the one on the hood of the Lion, but an old acquaintance as Simca and Talbot , trademarks that could be dusted off just for the debut of this low-cost carriers.

This unprecedented proposal PSA , which will deal with the Dacia Sandero will not offer some trendy technology: the most likely hypothesis is that to be born on the floor of the 206 Plus (platform whose origins date back to late 90s) due extended for this purpose. From the design specifications leaked (415 cm long, 350 liters of luggage), you can imagine how easily the practicality and interior space will be among the key objectives of the model.


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