Article: Renault Clio 2012 Review

Here is how the Renault Clio 2012 to see one more before we as the older sister, Megan, because of the rather large, trapezoidal air intake. The next generation of brogues is slightly longer than the present.

If the next generation Renault Clio? Coming in 2012 will be on ongoing measures: 403 cm long (probably about 40 mm in length), 171 wide, 149 high. But the nose stand out more than her older sister, Megan, because of the rather large, trapezoidal air intake. So at least give, as shown in a cast. In our graphic, the Oxford increasingly stress the importance of family, art specializing in Fiat and VW.

Shapes with more movements, the new Renault Clio and a more dynamic design. In addition, strings and more massive wave pattern near the windows. On the chair, put a “boomerang bit forward.

A new, but not aggressive. Model remains pretty quiet. However, the price / quality ratio is still high, thanks to the interior quality and reliability of engines and components. A small car with a roomy interior, quiet ride with discretion. Perhaps some of the concept cars, the Zir, good supply cut.

Base is the 1.2 98 bhp three cylinder gasoline engine. Or maybe a supercharged 0.9 petrol TEC 3-cylinder 85 hp. More and more, in our opinion, the 1.5 dCi turbo diesel with two power (75 or 88 hp) and 1.6. Always looking for more efficiency, the Start & Stop system are everywhere. Not bad race in the Renault Clio RS, the RS and RS Light Gordini.


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